Obesity out of control?

by Jayne Glass

A recent article on the BBC News website reports on research carried out at Maastricht University.  The Dutch research looked at data from nearly 4,500 adults and found that overweight people are more likely to make frequent trips to their GP than smokers or those who are generally unfit.  Although the study could not conclude why overweight people might visit their GP more often, the scientists speculated that they may have more minor complaints, such as musculoskeletal pain or sleep problems.

In the latest edition of the Geographical Journal, Thomas Burgoine reviews a recently published book by Francis Delpeuch, entitled ‘Globesity: A Planet Out of Control?’.  Delpeuch’s book is a “fascinating account” of the origins of obesity and the “global obesity epidemic” that seems to be prominent in today’s news reports.  Burgoine believes that this book offers a much needed interdisciplinary perspective on obesity and creates a “useful compendium of scientific fact and an engaging, thought provoking argument”.  It offers insight into the global geography of obesity and illustrates arguments with applied examples such as McDonald’s ‘Go Active’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity.

Read the BBC news story – ‘Obese visit GP more often than smokers, researchers say’

Read Thomas Burgoine’s review of ‘Globesity: A Planet Out of Control?’ by Francis Delpeuch, in the Geographical Journal, 176(3), 271.

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