Contributing to Geography Directions

Geography Directions showcases the importance of Geography and geographical expertise to understanding the most pressing issues facing society and the environment.

Want to contribute?

We actively seek submissions that offer analysis, insight, and commentary on current issues, as well as those that think forward to what future solutions and societies might look like. Posts should be underpinned by a research/evidence base and written in a manner accessible to a broad audience.

We also ‘re-blog’ relevant content that fits with these aims from other sites to highlight the significance and importance of geographical research. If you have written for another site, please do feel free bring our attention to the blog!

Blog Style, and Structure

We welcome posts between 600 and 1200 words in length. We ask that you embed all references as hyperlinks, using DOI numbers where possible, rather than using academic referencing systems.

Please include suggestions for further reading to go with the posts, ideally some of these should come from the RGS-IBG Journals, Book Series, WIRES Climate change, or Geography Compass.

We encourage authors to structure the post in terms of the challenge/issue being addressed; the contribution geographical insights bring; and then to then highlight key take-away messages.

Submission process

Please email submissions to with “Geography Directions submission” followed by the title of the submission in the subject heading. Please also provide a suggestion of an image to accompany the post (available with a CC-BY license). 

All submissions will be reviewed by a member of our advisory board and edits may be suggested. Although we will not publish everything we are sent, we are keen to read what you do send to us and will try to offer constructive comments on everything we receive. 

Accepted posts will also be subject to full copyediting. We might therefore suggest ways of clarifying the language or making the argument clearer or make some edits for style. Any changes will be agreed with you before publishing. 


All posts will be published under a CC-BY license (CC-BY-ND if the author prefers). Posts can be re-posted elsewhere in their original or a ‘remixed’ form, with appropriate attribution to the author and Geography Directions.

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