Tri 4 Africa

By Kelly Wakefield
It would be a real shame if I didn’t get to write someting in relation to the World Cup in South Africa and having read about Rob Forbes’ 20,000km plus triathlon from Cirencester, UK to South Africa, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity.
Rob departed the UK on 1st October 2009, first cycling across France and Spain, then down the West coast of Africa before arriving in in South Africa at the start of June 2010 to support England in the World Cup.  Along the way, Rob has swum the Strait of Gibraltar and completed an ultra marathon, The Comrades covering 89km between the cities of Pietermaritzburg and Durban. The charity Re-Cycle, that provides bicycle aid in Africa will benefit from Rob’s extraordinary effort as he is hoping to raise more than £20,000. 
Sport is an amazing event that brings people together to achieve extraordinary things.  The nature of these events require stamina and a will to succeed in often far reaching and geographically distant places which creates a  massive sense of achievement.  Well done Rob!

View the official website Tri 4 Africa which includes Rob’s blog and more information

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