Mapping London 2012

By Kelly Wakefield

This week on the 27th of July, was the two year countdown to the start of the London Olympic Games in 2012.  With just 731 days to go (or at least there were when I started writing this) there has been growing support in London for the games.  According to a recent BBC article, Londoners are more supportive now than they were four years ago despite 55% believing the transport system won’t be able to cope. 

The official London 2012 website allows users to browse the sporting events by venue using an interactive map.  There are nine venues outside of London, five of which  are football venues and the rest will host other sports such as sailing, mountain biking and rowing.  The London venues numbering twelve are to be held in many existing arenas such as Wembley Arena, Earls Court and Wimbledon.  Some famous landmarks in the capital will be getting a temporary makeover for events such as triathlon set to be competed in Hyde Park and Beach Volleyball in Horse Guards Parade.  For some areas of London however, the landscape is set to change permanently.  Olympic Park containing the Olympic Village and seven venues will be a lasting legacy from the Games to East London and will be transformed into 2,800 new homes, including 1,379 affordable homes after 2012.

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London 2012 Official Website, 27th July 2010, “Map, Explore”

London 2012 Official Website, 27th July 2010, “Venues”

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