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The decay of glory

By Kelly Wakefield

There have been two stories in the media within the past few weeks that have shown the darker side of major global sporting events.  The first story was that of the decline and decay of a once famous stadium in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.  The legendary ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ between the heavyweight champion George Foreman and Muhammad Ali.  History tells us that Ali became champion for the second time that night, defeating the younger Foreman in the eighth round.  The sad decay, as Andy Kershaw writes for the BBC, is witnessed first hand, the stadium now a crumbling and gloomy space with litter and excrement occupying this iconic place.  Squatters have occupied one of the changing rooms with the Ministry of Sport turning a blind eye.  This sad story begs the question as to what happens to stadiums and sporting venues built for purpose for global sporting events once the games are over?  If stadiums such as the Tata Raphael Stadium  (it’s original name) can be left to fade , with history and into history, what about those others spaces that do not capture such worldwide imagination?

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