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Connecting Barcelona to transnationalism


 By Rosa Mas Giralt

The History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) is currently hosting an exhibition entitled “Connected Barcelona, Transnational Citizens: migratory growth and urban practices”. This exhibition has been developed within the programme Barcelona Cultural Dialogue as a response to the changing population of the city due to a decade of intense immigration. Both from a historical perspective which takes into account former migration flows into the city and also through the lens of transnationalism, the exhibition explores the role of the new dwellers in shaping the contemporary Catalan capital.

In “Transnationalism Unbound” (2009), Francis Leo Collins offers an overview of the contribution that geographers have made to the study of transnationalism and seeks “to draw attention to a more expansive view of transnationalism as a framework or ‘optic’ for viewing the different enactments, experiences and effects of cross-border lives” (451). This exhibition in Barcelona offers an opportunity to reflect on such a wider understanding of transnationalism.

The exhibition runs until 27th September 2009.


History Museum of Barcelona

Visit the exhibition website “Connected Barcelona, Transnational citizens”

Collins article

GECO $1.99 Read the full article: Francis Leo Collins (2009) “Transnationalism unbound: detailing new subjects, registers and spatialities of cross-border lives”

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