© Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

AreaEdited by: Kavita Datta, Peter Kraftl and Rob Bryant (co-Editors)

Impact Factor: 1.349

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 201: 32/77 (Geography)

Online ISSN: 1475-4762

Area publishes ground breaking research and scholarship from across the field of geography. At the cutting edge of the discipline, the journal:

• publishes concise high quality papers and commentaries that shape key debates within and beyond the discipline of geography.
• is an outlet for new debates and original ideas.
• is accessible to both established and new scholars.
• provides rapid publication.

The Area Prize, which is awarded annually, rewards excellent geographical research from new researchers. Read further information about the Area Prize



Geo: Geography and Environment

© John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

UntitledCo-Edited by: Gail Davies and Anson Mackay

Online ISSN: 2054-4049

Geo is a fully open access international journal publishing original articles from across the spectrum of geographical and environmental research. Geo welcomes submissions which make a significant contribution to one or more of the journal’s aims. These are to:

  • Encompass the breadth of geographical, environmental and related research, based on original scholarship in the sciences, social sciences and humanities;
  • Bring new understanding to and enhance communication between geographical research agendas, including human-environment interactions, global North-South relations and academic-policy exchange;
  • Advance spatial research and address the importance of geographical enquiry to the understanding of, and action about, contemporary issues;
  • Foster methodological development, including collaborative forms of knowledge production, interdisciplinary approaches and the innovative use of quantitative and/or qualitative data sets;
  • Publish papers and commentaries which are of international significance.

Read recently published papers in Geo

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The Geographical Journal

© Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

The Geographical journal

Edited by: Keith Richards

Impact Factor: 3.206

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2012: 5/77 (Geography)

Online ISSN: 1475-4959

The Geographical Journal has been the academic journal of the Royal Geographical Society, under the terms of the Royal Charter, since 1893. It publishes original research papers, commentaries and review essays, all of which are refereed. The Geographical Journal publishes papers that make a major, theoretical, conceptual and/or empirical contribution to the advancement of both geography and ideas pertaining to ‘public relevance’. Particular emphasis is placed on:

  • Stimulating and shaping future public and policy-orientated agendas across human and physical geography
  • Publishing a range of articles, editorial interventions and other forms of commentaries, which investigate why problems, issues and solutions are posed in particular ways
  • Evaluating the manner in which geographical knowledge is used to influence and underpin local, national and global policies
  • Attracting articles and other contributions that communicate ‘cutting-edge’ research in an accessible manner.


Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers

© Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

Edited by: Adrian Bailey, Robyn Dowling, Jo Little and Simon Naylor

Impact Factor: 3.170

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2012: 6/77 (Geography)

Online ISSN: 1475-5661

Transactions is one of the foremost international journals of geographical research. It publishes the very best scholarship from around the world and across the discipline. In particular, the distinctive role of the journal is to:

  • Publish ‘landmark’ articles that make a major theoretical, conceptual or empirical contribution to the advancement of geographical understanding.
  • Stimulate and shape research agendas in human and physical geography.
  • Showcase the contribution of geographical research to advancing knowledge in the social and physical sciences and humanities.



WIREs Climate Change

© John Wiley & Sons, Ltd in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society

Editor in Chief: Mike Hulme WIREs-Climate-Change

  • The WIREs publications focus on high-profile research areas at the interfaces of the traditional disciplines.
  • Content for each WIREs title is selected, invited, and reviewed by an internationally renowned Editorial Board, ensuring that the highest scientific and presentational standards are maintained.
  • Coverage is carefully crafted to provide an encyclopedic coverage of the field.
  • New and updated reviews are added every month, ensuring that the most current information in the field is always available.
  • Reviews are highly structured and consistently formatted, maximizing the accessibility and utility of the content to the user.

Find out more from the WIREs Climate Change Wiley Online Library

Geography Compass

© Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Geography Compass

Edited by: Michael Bradshaw (Editor-in-Chief)

Online ISSN: 1749-8198

Unique in its range, Geography Compass is an online-only journal publishing original, peer-reviewed surveys of current research from across the entire discipline. Geography Compasspublishes state-of-the-art reviews, supported by a comprehensive bibliography and accessible to an international readership. Geography Compass is aimed at senior undergraduates, postgraduates and academics, and will provide a unique reference tool for researching essays, preparing lectures, writing a research proposal, or just keeping up with new developments in a specific area of interest.

Fields covered by Geography Compass include:

  • Economic Geography
  • Social Geography
  • Cultural Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Development
  • Biogeography
  • Environment and Society
  • GIS
  • Climatology
  • Earth Observations
  • Geomorphology
  • Hydrology & Water Resources

Read the Letter from the Editor



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