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Geography Compass Atmosphere & Biosphere Section: Invitation to Contribute

Wiley-Blackwell’s Geography Compass has established itself as a key reference for up-to-date peer-reviewed research reviews in all facets of geography. We hope to strengthen the Atmosphere & Biosphere section with a new round of articles that continue the excellence in publication from scholars including Marshall Shepherd, Thomas Knutson, Andrew Comrie, Kristin Dow, Steven Quiring, Julie Winkler and others.

We are currently looking for material on the following themes:

  • Synoptic meteorology
  • Tropical meteorology
  • Polar meteorology
  • Agricultural and forest meteorology
  • Forecasting and modeling
  • Mesoscale processes
  • Weather hazards
  • Climate systems and dynamics
  • Climate change
  • Climate variability
  • Air-sea-land interactions
  • Applied meteorology and climatology
  • Weather, climate, and society
  • Hydrometeorology and hydroclimatology

Why publish in Geography Compass?

  • Fast publication, typically 8 weeks from acceptance of final version
  • A citable, peer-reviewed article, with a permanent URL
  • A wide, international audience through a global medium
  • A free PDF off-print of your article
  • Free individual access to the site for a year
  • Usage statistics for your article
  • A discount for your institution if they buy a subscription

Geography Compass does not publish research articles. Its aim is to provide authoritative, peer-reviewed surveys of recent scholarship for non-specialists.  Manuscripts will be evaluated on whether the manuscript:

  • meets the objectives of the Geography Compass aims and scope
  • makes a contribution to the field
  • is accessible to a new scholar in the field
  • has any major omissions or errors

If you have an idea for a potential article on any of the above themes or any additional questions, please contact Scott Curtis ( We hope that you are excited by this opportunity to publish your work in Geography Compass.

For further information please visit here.

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