RGS-IBG Guides Free to Download

Communicating Geography Research Beyond the Academy: A Guide for Researchers

This guide brings together perspectives from academics and users of geographical research in government, business, education, schools and the media to reflect on motives, means and methods; stimulate discussion; and illuminate examples of good practice.

Download your free copy at www.rgs.org/CommunicatingResearch

Publishing in Geography: A Guide for New Researchers

This guide provides clear and practical advice on how to publish, including contributions from leading editors and scholars.

Download your free copy at www.rgs.org/GettingPublished

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About philipsmith

Philip Smith has worked for Wiley Blackwell since May 2007. He is the associate managing editor for Literature Compass and Social and Personality Psychology Compass. He manages Sociology Lens. Phil is doing a PhD in English Literature (Art Spiegelman and representing history since you ask) and is a member of a closed-door kung fu family (really!).

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