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Writing regular articles that connect recent journal content to news topics, our news editors are postgraduate and early-career researcher from across the discipline.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Geography Directions News Editor, please contact wil.stobbart@wiley.com.

Current Editors

Fiona Ferbrache

Stacey Balsdon

  • Stacey BalsdonStacey is a postgraduate research student at Loughborough University and a member of the Geography Department’s Centre for Research in Identity, Governance and Society (CRIGS).
  • Stacey obtained her BSc (Hons) from Loughborough University in 2011 and has remained at the institution for her PhD study.
  • Stacey’s research investigates the interconnections between the social make-up of the student population attending UK higher education institutions and studentification.  This research aims to use both quantitative and qualitative research methods to establish the residential decision making processes of students whilst at university.
  • More broadly, Stacey is interested in the geographies of education and learning, population studies and social inequality.
  • Stacey is the current Chair of the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum.
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Jen Dickie

  • Jen DickieJen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Geography Department at The University of Leicester.
  • Jen received her BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from Stirling University and gained her PhD, which focused on the impact of vegetation change on soil erosion in dryland environments, from the University of Leicester.
  • Since then, she has worked on a range of research and teaching projects that cross GIS, Human and Physical Geography.
  • Jen is currently working on a renewable energy project, Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems (RHEES), that forms part of the EPSRC’s ‘Bridging the Urban Rural Divide’ programme.  Her role is to evaluate the resources and demands that drive existing and potential energy systems.
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Martin Mahony

Hellen Pallett

Benjamin Sacks

  • Benjamin SacksBenjamin is a doctoral candidate in History and History of Science at Princeton University, and is a 2009 recipient of the National Beinecke Scholarship for graduate studies in the humanities.
  • He earned his BA summa cum laude (highest academic honours) from Tufts University, and has published articles in The New England Quarterly, Historical New Hampshire (forthcoming), and Immigrant Entrepreneurs (forthcoming).
  • He has also co-authored a number of papers with Dr Felipe Fernández-Armesto (University of Notre Dame).
  • At Tufts, Benjamin taught a full-credit seminar on the history of geography, and received an Anne E Borghesani Prize grant to conduct global historical research in London, Greenwich, and Cambridge.
  • He is the book reviews editor for New Global Studies (De Gruyter Press), and chief editor emeritus of the Tufts Historical Review.
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Briony Turner

Jennifer Turner

  • Jennifer TurnerJennifer is a Post Doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Criminology at the University of Leicester, having completed her PhD at Aberystwyth University.
  • Her primary research interests are in the spatial relationships enacted within the prison environment.
  • Jennifer attained her BA in Geography in 2008 and an MA in Space, Place and Politics in 2009 from Aberystwyth.
  • Jennifer is on Twitter @JenTurner0 and www.jennifer-turner.org
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Catherine Waite

  • Catherine WaiteCatherineis a doctoral student at Loughborough University and is a member of the Geography Department’s Centre for Research in Identity, Governance, Society (CRIGS).
  • After obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Geography at the University of Sheffield in 2010, she moved to Loughborough to complete an MSc in Globalization, Space and Sport in 2011.
  • Remaining in Loughborough to undertake a PhD, Catherine’s research investigates the relationship between temporary, international migration and the career trajectories of skilled individuals.
  • Jointly supervised by the Department of Geography and the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences her research applies a case study of elite, professional cricket players, thus enabling a multi-disciplinary approach to the study. This allows her to engage with research undertaken in sociology and specifically the sociology of sport, alongside geographical migration scholarship.
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Fiona Nash

Former Editors 
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